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Conflict Assessment
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2: A
A representative and balanced group of stakeholders and relevant agencies examines the
purpose and need for a project, reviews alternatives to meet that need, and works toward
a consensus solution. ODOT, FHWA and the cooperating agencies support and
participate in the process.
Increases transparency and openness of
the process
Establishes an opportunity for
increased public understanding
Establishes a mechanism to openly
address a variety of alternatives for
meeting transportation and
environmental protection needs
Provides additional opportunities to
demonstrate how new and evolving
issues, such as critical habitat
designations, are being addressed
Is likely to lessen vulnerability to
litigation and political challenges
Could provide an effective vehicle to
engage multiple agencies in the
Might lead to an acceptable solution
with more community and agency
ownership and, thus, require less time
to reach a sustainable and
implementable decision
It is late in a long project history for an
elaborate new process
There is a history of personal animosities
and polarization in the community
The lack of trust may make collaboration
Value differences exist that may not be
amendable to any collaborative solution
A collaborative agreement is not binding
on any public entity or agency, although
it may be adopted by them
There is an undercurrent of suspicion
regarding the motives of various
agencies, units of government and
affected interests that may make
collaboration difficult
Some suspect that a collaborative effort
is just a delaying, or killing, tactic
Collaborative efforts require additional
cost in dollars and, possibly, more time
Many believe that most alternatives have
already been identified and considered
There is no guarantee that consensus will
be reached
Failure to select a preferred alternative
quickly might mean that funds for this
transportation priority are moved to
other Oregon transportation needs
See Table 1, the Option II conditions for success.