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This project has been under consideration for two decades. During this time, much has
happened. The project has been subject to considerable environmental review. There
have been two community votes. Wetlands were acquired through the efforts and
investment of public and non-profit entities. Local transportation and wetland planning
has been conducted. There is additional knowledge about endangered species and critical
habitat designation is now under review. Some key events are shown below:
1978 The T-2000 transportation plan is adopted, which replaces the proposed Roosevelt
Freeway with a new east-west corridor
1985 ODOT and FHWA publish a Draft Environmental Impact Statement, initiating the
1986 A city referendum, required by City charter, that requires any freeway or
throughway constructed within the City must have the route approved by a
majority of voters in a City election, passed with an 80 percent affirmative vote.
1990 FHWA and ODOT publish Final Environmental Impact Statement
1994 ODOT, LCOG and City of Eugene publish the West Eugene Parkway
Supplemental Needs Analysis, an update needed to assess the project in the
context of the adopted 1992 West Eugene Wetlands Plan
1997 FHWA and ODOT publish the second Supplemental Draft EIS with description
and analysis of 22 alternatives
2001 A West Eugene Area Transportation Charrette is held to examine the
transportation situation and determine if a path forward could be developed
2001 A special election is held with two ballot measures, one which a narrow margin of
voters reaffirmed the 1986 decision to build the WEP and a much wider margin
voting against a measure calling for the continued study of alternatives to the
2002 The Eugene City Council votes 7 to 1 to authorize amendments to the West
Eugene Wetlands Plan and local transportation plans to include the WEP
2004 FHWA approves a re-evaluation report for the WEP that allows the project to
proceed to a Supplemental Final EIS
2005 The Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to designate critical habitat for the
Fender's blue butterfly and two plants in several areas, including lands in Lane
2006 FHWA proposes language to the Army Corps to clarify the purpose of the project
Currently, ODOT is planning to publish the Supplemental Final Environmental Impact
Statement and submit a draft Record of Decision to FHWA by the end of 2006.