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Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and
Lane County WAND Present

"Health Effects of War and Alternatives to a War on Terrorism" at Sacred Heart

Does the United States really need to spend as much on our military budget as every other nation in the world combined? Does this make our country safer, stronger, healthier? Three days of US arms spending equals one entire year's budget for health, education & welfare for all US children. Is this really the best approach?

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) presents "Health Effects of War and Alternatives to a War on Terrorism", a powerful multimedia forum that critiques Bush's foreign policy in ways you won't see on the mainstream news. Catherine Thomassen. M.D., of Portland, will be the presenter.

Oregon PSR's "Health Effects of War" will be shown on Tuesday, January 14th at 7:30 pm at the Sacred Heart Medical Center Auditorium, 1st Floor, 1255 Hilyard Street, Eugene. Donations welcome.

This event is sponsored by Lane County Women's Action for New Directions (WAND). In the U.S. we labor under both the illusion of a false sense of security, and under the reality of an incredible military bill to pay. Consequently, funding for valuable, life giving social services is radically slashed and the young, the elderly, and the vulnerable suffer.

Oregon and most other states are struggling with severe cutbacks to education, mental health, health care, housing and food programs, while the military-war complex grows fat on ever-increasing federal contracts. "Health Effects of War" puts the "war on terrorism" in a global context by exploring whether war is the best response to the attacks of 9-11. Will it result in reduced threats against our country, or will it perpetuate the cycles of anger, hatred, and violence?

Find out why Oregon PSR feels that diplomacy and international law is the most moral and effective way to reduce the threat of terrorism. Examine the cases of Libya, South Africa, and Northern Ireland to discover how conflict may be resolved without violence. Learn about the current actions being taken by many people and organizations to increase the likelihood of peace and reduce the threat of violence and terrorism.

"Health Effects of War" looks beyond the death and destruction commonly associated with war and explores its other short and long-term effects, including refugees, civilian casualties, land mines, psychological devastation, environmental and economic breakdown, and nuclear threats.

For further information, contact Janice at or call 344-6443.

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