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Alton Baker Park

This is Eugene's largest developed park at over 400 acres. The first parcel of land was purchased by Lane County in the late 19th century and the remaining acreage was acquired in the early 1960's. The park gets it's name from the original publisher of Eugene's Register Guard. The park is divided into two distinct areas, the natural East Alton Baker Park and the more developed West Alton Baker Park.


This park on the Willamette River has many features beyond the vast green lawns, ponds and picnic areas. There are miles of trails and many other wonderful features. Including:


Ken Nielsen Gardens

Public Art

The Science Factory Children's Museum & Planetarium

Cuthbert Amphitheater

BMX Track

Scale Model Solar System

Pre's Trail

Hays Memorial Tree Garden

Off Leash Dog Park

Community Garden

Boat Launch

Canoe Canal

Nearby Nature


Location: East of the Ferry Street Bridge on the north bank of the Willamette River. Alton Baker Park can be reached from the University of Oregon if walking or bicycling. Just cross the Autzen Foot Bridge and you are there. You must enter from Club Rd. VIA MLK Blvd. if you are driving. This large map of Alton Baker Park and entrance may help.

Park Rental Information


Each year, over 400 community members planning everything from weddings to reunions apply to reserve one of Eugene’s unique parks, the most popular being Alton Baker, Hendricks, Owen Rose Garden, and Washington Jefferson.


In order to meet the growing need for park rentals, Parks and Open space conducts a reservation lottery the first week of January each year. If possible submit your application well in advance. A permit fee of $10 or $25 is required with the application; other rental fees may apply and will be determined upon receipt of the permit application. Rental fees are determined after the date and location have been approved.


Please contact Debbie Moulton the Park Rental Coordinator for the City of Eugene, Parks and Open Space Division

1820 Roosevelt Blvd.

Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: (541) 682-4812