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Curbside Recycling

Recycling Curb-side in Eugene

In 1984, the Legislature passed the Opportunity to Recycle Act--- a bill that required refuse collectors to provide recycling opportunities for all Oregonians. During the next 20-some years, curb-side recycling has become big business for our refuse services.


Today, when Eugeneans sign up with their refuse hauling provider, they are given 4 containers at their curbside. One is for garbage, one is for garden trimmings and the third is for commingled metals, paper goods, and plastics. The fourth box is reserved for glass only.


In addition, there are many other local opportunities for recycling. Many businesses throughout the area provide services for citizens to bring corrosive materials, paints, Styrofoam and other difficult to dispose of materials to their facility for recycling. Additionally, the city of Eugene provides leaf pick-up in the Fall.


One recycling opportunity missing from Eugene is curb-side pick-up of large, heavy objects. In Eugene, one must hire out, or own a large vehicle (not environmentally sound thinking) to haul their bulky recyclables to the Glen Wood Transfer Station. Eugeneans used to be able to rent various sized dumpsters for their clean-up projects, but refuse companies make these available only to licensed contractors now. In the meantime, many cities across the nation have incorporated “heavy trash days” into their recycling programs. Large trucks pick up bulky objects such as old sofas, mattresses, hot water heaters, washers & dryers, and refrigerators from customer’s curbs. Oh, to dream of trash-free wilderness in Lane County!