community guide to Eugene and beyond

Pets and Animals

Alton Baker Park

Off-leash dog area is located off of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard on Leo Harris Parkway behind Autzen Stadium. Parking is available in lot 8.


Amazon Park

Off-leash dog area is located off of Amazon Parkway at 29th Avenue.


Candlelight Park

The off-leash dog zone is located off of Royal Avenue at Candlelight.


Morse Ranch Park

This park is located at 595 Crest Drive in South Eugene.


Armitage Park

Armitage Park, at 90064 Coburg Road, includes 57 acres located 5 miles north of Eugene, Oregon, on the banks of the beautiful McKenzie River. (photo below)

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Dog Park Rules


    • Have dog(s) properly licensed.

    • Have dog(s) properly vaccinated (rabies).

    • Remove dog(s) feces from designated area.

    • Keep dog(s) in designated area.

    • Have dog(s) on leash when entering and leaving designated area.

    • Be present with the dog(s) and have the dog(s) under voice control at all times.

    • Remove female dog(s) in estrus (heat) from designated area when other dog(s) enter the area.

    • Do not allow dog(s) to fight, bite, or bark excessively.

    • Dog(s) classified as potentially dangerous must remain on a leash.

    • The dog owner is responsible and liable for the actions and behaviors of dog(s) at all times.