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Gardening Ideas


Eugenians supported local commitment when they voted Farmers’ Market the “Best Place to Buy Plants” in the annual Eugene Weekly “Best of Eugene” poll. These cooperative vendors work year-round in support of organic gardening, native plant propagation as well as providing wide varieties of plants and produce--- and friendly gardening advice. Wild Goose Nursery is one of several vendors who sells native plants.

Oregon State University's Extension Service provides an informative website specifically for gardeners in the Willamette Valley. This is a great website for finding basic gardening hints, as well as where to sign up for their Master Gardening class. Included in this website are many in-depth articles such as one about the importance of Compost in the garden.


Every gardener soon learns that successful gardening requires the addition of organic matter----- compost. Rather than blame pests, diseases or a shortage of nutrients for plant problems, one should instead consider non-productive soil as the culprit. Building a simple composting station (doesn't have to be fancy) that houses yard debris: "two parts volume bulking agents such as autumn leaves, wood chips, sawdust, hay, wheat straw or corn stalks with one part energy source such as grass clippings, fruit and vegetable waste or non-woody garden trimmings" is the first step to having a beautiful, healthy garden. Our favorite eco-friendly landscaper for Springfield Oregon Lawn Mowing Services is Gator’s Landscape Maintenance, LLC.

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OSU's Extension Service also publishes an informative monthly online newsletter. The publication is full of seasonal tips on what and when to plant locally.

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In addition to forests, backyard trees aid in the health of our environment. When choosing an arborist, think about healthy options for your yard. For example, locally owned Sperry Tree Care Co. offers tree-healthy alternatives to chemical spray programs.


Soil amendments are easily obtained in Eugene through Lane Forest Products and Rexius. Both companies maintain informational websites that emphasize healthy gardening practices. They also accept your garden materials for recycling.


Providing our children with green education is our greatest gift for combating climate change. The School Garden Project of Lane County supports a goal of providing a garden in every school. You can assist them through your donations of gardening supplies, funding, and eScrip purchases.


Want to get active outside your garden? Consider joining “Food Not Lawns”. Volunteer at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum. Check out Eugene event calendars for eco-friendly opportunities such as participation in the Urban Adventure Race.