community guide to Eugene and beyond

Eugene utilizes LTD to provide public transportation in the community. Implementation of light rail and other rapid-transit modes of transport may be ideal, but they were unfortunately deemed financially impractical for a city of Eugene’s size. Therefore, LTD recently introduced bus rapid transit, named EmX, to complement its 100+ conventional bus service.

The following link will direct you to bus maps and schedules.

Biking is an efficient and environmentally sound way to get around Eugene. With few hills and an extensive network of bike trails, a bicyclist can cross town more quickly than a motorist.

Planet Eugene provides a list of bike-oriented links.


Do you want to take advantage of environmental and economic savings, as well as the social benefits, of carpooling? The Oregon Carpool Center of Eugene can put you together with other commuters.


And, what about walking? Again, we have an opportunity to walk comfortably and “shop local” when we choose Portland-based Keen or Nike shoes.

Green Transportation

Getting Around without a Car