community guide to Eugene and beyond


Spencer Butte

Spencer Butte (elevation 2052 Ft.) is probably the most prominent landmark in Eugene. A majority of area residents have hiked up the steep trail. Enjoy the forest from the trail as you hike up through the Douglas fir trees. Amazing views of the Southern Willamette Valley are enjoyed from the summit. The top of the butte is actually above the tree-line and consists mainly of rock formations and grass.

Aerial Photograph: We took the aerial photo below from a small plane and while the pilot was circling Spencer Butte. Looking east towards the Cascades.

The shot (located below) of Spencer Butte from afar was taken from College Hill in Eugene.


Location: There are three different trail-heads and subsequent routes to the top. The most direct trail starts at the Spencer Butte (do not leave your belongings in the car) parking lot. One can also start from the small staging area at 52nd and Willamette St. or from the lot at Fox Hollow and Christenson Rd. in South Eugene.

Parking Lot

We created a hybrid image by using an aerial photo of Spencer Butte and superimposing the park boundary over it.

Panoramic view